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WIP 5: Almost done!!!

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 3.23.03 pm Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 7.44.25 pm ¬† The first image was my original idea, but i felt that the large purple blocks did not add to the infographic. I decided for another approach where i had a large Rangoli design with information around it. My final image will have both sides looking like the left side. I am quite happy with the way its looking, i just have to be selective with how i present my information. I am struggling quite a bit with the program, so with what i know i am trying to make the best of it ūüėõ


WIP 4: Illustrator Progress

I first used basic shapes to create the silhouette of the Taj, it was a VERY long task but I am please with the end product. (if you look at my second image you can see the blue outlines of all the shapes I used. I played around with the colour palette until I found something I like. I still used pink and orange but I refrained from using shades that are all very arresting and bright. I looked at different hues and shades and played around with the colour till i found a palette that was really warm, celebratory but would also be easy on the eyes. I made my space for the text and I used a long slim rectangle to help keep consistent spacing.

I am rather happy with my progress, but I do feel like I have a LONG way to go. Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.18.13 pm


Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 7.46.01 pm

WIP 3: Layout ideas

These are my sketches,

Take One:


Was too plain and had no symmetry to it. The U shape thing at the top is a hand sprinkling colour in case you were wondering ūüėõ


Take Two:


Some improvements with symmetry and the flow of materials into the finished product at the bottom, however not enough information and it still looks mismatched.

Take Three

This time I incorporated the Taj Mahal and I will be using the pointed domes as a re-occurring motif through the image to create harmony. the rule of thirds is employed in this image and i feel it has a better flow and symmetry whilst giving room for information on the history, materials and designs.


WIP 1 : Brainstorm

I knew from the get go that I wanted to do something about the vibrant indian festivals, food or culture. The colour pallet appeals to me and I feel I could be very creative with what I produce. I have finalised the list down to five main areas.

I can explore typography as well and also use images and patterns to create a ver authentic indian ‘feel’ to the infographic.

1. Rangoli

Diwali celebration in Ahmedabad.02,November,2013 Photo Yogesh Chawda
Diwali celebration in Ahmedabad.02,November,2013
Photo Yogesh Chawda

2. Henna


3. Various Saree Styles


4. Chai


5. Sankranthi (kite festival)


WIP 2 : Mindmap

I have chosen to do Rangoli as the striking visuals of the art form really appeal to me and I feel that because there aren’t many infographics on this art-form, it would be a good challenge.

For those of you who may not know Rangoli it is the traditional Indian decoration and patterns¬†¬†drawn onto the ground, usually in chalk or colored powder and embellished with sand, rice, candles or flower petals. Rangoli¬†is a Sanskrit word, signifying a creative expression of art by using¬†colors and shapes. In ancient times, beautiful rangoli patterns and designs were made on the entrances of Indian homes for aesthetic purposes and to welcome ¬†guests. Besides a creative expression of art, they were also considered a symbol of good-luck.¬†Designs are composed of geometric and curvilinear patterns, usually derived from nature. After the Rangoli is complete, the image is simply allowed to blow away with the wind ‚Äď serving as a metaphor for the impermanence of life, Savoor 2010.

Here are a few images of the art form

best-rangoli-designs-6 Rangoli-for-Holi rangoli-designs-pattern

I have created a mindmap in order to organise my ideas

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 4.58.27 pm