Hey Arielle :)Totally love your concept btw, I really feel like there’s so much you can do to make it look fashionable. The mixed fonts are also a very cool idea, its very magazine-esque. So far I can see that you’re using a lot of grey and dark colours, although this might be great for your theme, pops of bright colour are a great way to draw the eye towards an important part. It will also assist in doing the smaller image 🙂 All the best, I do look forward to knowing more about winter fashion!!


Hey Jaime 🙂 Totally agree with the comment above, your research is great and I love how you try to apply it directly to your assignment. I think your infographic is similar to mine in the sense that we are choosing to explore a different culture. For me personally, I knew the colour scheme had to reflect the country just as much as the information. I think the colour palette you have chosen is fantastic in terms of the travel theme, but I do know that purple and gold are pretty important colours in Thailand. They might helpful in creating meaning if you decided to incorporate them 🙂


Hey Sophia :)I love how you’ve used your colours in a way that suggests a progression. The use of black is pretty cool and i feel that your simple stylistic images are going to be super helpful in creating meaning. My only suggestion is using some place holder to have uniform spacing between all the different boxes and the borders. Some of them are closer to the edge than others. Other than that, i feel that you’ve created a really effective infographic!


Hey Joe :)Really actually like your topic! and how you’ve used simple 2D visuals to communicate it. The Bold colours are great, but just be careful that you dont use too many colours as we were told not to use more than 5. The main reason for this is that colour tells the eye where to look and with too many colours the reader might not look at the information in the way you want them to. Also maybe you could make your title bigger? the eye is drawn first to the puppy haha. All the best looking forward to your final piece of work 🙂


Hey 🙂 really like the way you’ve tried to do an interesting topic!! its not easy to visualise and depict in images, but i think you’re onto a great start! I feel that with the use of circles information doesn’t fit as tight, so spacing might be something to think about. Other than that i look forward to your final product!!



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