Research 5: The Rangoli main Image

I am doing my entire infographic about Rangoli, yet the main image in the infographic so far is the Taj Mahal. I feel like I need a string Rangoli image I can use, but not something that will be overly complicated. I have looked at some designs online, but they are either too complicated or will not fit into my slim column. So i have finally decided to just do my own design. I selected the mango and circle as my main motifs and i played around with a few combinations on paper. Once i found the pattern i liked the most, i was able to create it on Illustrator using basic shapes.

Because I wanted the design to be one of the places the eye is drawn to decided to make it large and allow it to occupy the column in the middle. I then gave it a thick white outline with all the colours used in the image incorporated somehow in the design.  I also took a chance a made it asymmetrical in the hopes that it would draw they eye to it.

These are the preliminary designs.

Photo on 9-06-15 at 9.45 am


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