Research 3: Colour

Colour is a crucial part as it indicates many things in our lives, from nature, to how someone is feeling. Colours have drastically different meanings in different cultures, but one thing they all have in common is that colour is significant.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 10.56.24 am


Because I have chosen to base my Infographic on Indian customs, I looked at the Cultural Colour wheel and found the following in the hindu culture.

Joy = yellow

Mariage = red

lighter shades of purple = passion and love.

The reason I have chosen my colours based on love and marriage is because Rangoli is all about celebrations, and nothing is like an Indian Wedding. I wanted to use bright and festive colours, but also something feminine and romantic.

Colors affect our moods, perceptions and adds context to our content. I would like to bring India into the infographic just by using colour.  By selecting the right colour scheme, I will potentially enhance the effectiveness of the message that I want to get across.

However, there’s a thin line between having a great colour palette and using too many colours that would give someone sore eyes. I’ve found  some neat tips and tricks online to prevent a colour overload.

  1. Stick to 2 main colours, and do not use more than 4 colours. A little goes a long way.
  2. Pick only 1 or 2 main colours (clear and bold), while the rest should be complementary colours (subtle and warm).
  3. When you’re tempted to add more colours,don’t give in- use more shades instead.
  4. Provide ample white space for the eyes to stay relaxed.

Based on this research, I have selected the following colour palettes ( might probably adjust them a little)





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