WIP 3: Layout ideas

These are my sketches,

Take One:


Was too plain and had no symmetry to it. The U shape thing at the top is a hand sprinkling colour in case you were wondering 😛


Take Two:


Some improvements with symmetry and the flow of materials into the finished product at the bottom, however not enough information and it still looks mismatched.

Take Three

This time I incorporated the Taj Mahal and I will be using the pointed domes as a re-occurring motif through the image to create harmony. the rule of thirds is employed in this image and i feel it has a better flow and symmetry whilst giving room for information on the history, materials and designs.



One thought on “WIP 3: Layout ideas

  1. Hi Joy, my favourite sketch would have to be the third concept, as I like how the temple is quite prominent and draws interest. I also like the layout and how it travels downward which I believe would be effective in showing Rangoli patterns/design. As some Rangoli patterns use a lot of colour to show creative expression, I think you will have to be very careful with your infographic to make sure that it doesn’t look to ‘cluttered’ or busy, by using too many colours. The only other thing I could suggest would be to also choose a font that isn’t too decorative and is easy to read.


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