Research 2: Projection and Semiotics

In this research post I would like to discuss the use of projection and semiotics.

Semiotics is the use of conveying meaning by using codes and symbols that can be interpreted by the viewers. These images can be iconic, indexical or symbolic. I would like to mainly use indexical and iconic as they can convey the meaning at a glance and do not require too much cultural and social understanding.

I also like the idea of incorporating a displaced code. If I were to continue with my idea on how to make a salad, I would try to use fruit to make up the shape of the international health symbol shown below. Or I would have a mason jar with arms doing weights but the weights are vege’s instead.



Projection is using an image to mentally create a picture. in a way its like connecting the dots to create an image. with infographics I feel this will be  a very powerful tool as you can place information in the shape of object that will create a mental picture that connects to the text. It also displays creativity and can implicitly convey ideas in a clever way without being too obvious.

Below is an example of what I would like to achieve using projectionglobal-carbon-footprint_50290b0baf4ce


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