Research 1: Infographics

From what we learnt in class, infographics need to visually tell a story without overcrowding and overwhelming the reading with lines of words. The colour, arrangement, typography, images and format all contribute to meaning even before the reader actually begins to look at the words. 

Because we created an infographic that outlines a process, I have decided to choose a topic that isn’t information heavy, but can be expressed and explained simply. I would like to place more emphasis on visual, colour and creating a ‘mood’ within the infographic. To achieve this I will most likely create themed graphics which tell the viewer what kinds of information the piece contains at a glance. I would like to use charts and diagrams to represent a flow, but I do not what to make it look boring by using standard arrows and circles. I would like the diagram itself to look like an image from afar. For example, if I were to talk about the components of an egg I would make the annotated diagram somehow represent a chicken, or a nest or an egg.  

The following images are processes I would like to explore for my assignment






























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