My image shows a giant phone with an image of a vibrant selfie on it dominating the first half of the image. Out from the selfie are a pair of hands reaching over the same girl and blocking her mouth out and hiding her away. The black and white girl is standing passively with her hands folded in submission.

The image of the selfie shows a very vibrant and happy girl, she is colour-enhanced and has a warm hue. It is easy to tell that this image has been edited in order to improve the image.

The hands coming from the phone are silencing the same girl. Her mouth is covered and her body is blocked. It is meant to seem like the hands are trying to hide her way so that the selfie is made the ‘star attraction’ even though the selfie image is not reality, the girl is. She is in black and white to show that her offline personality and reality is not as vibrant as the online pictures posted.

In light of the article, the title says ‘selfie obsession’. An obsession is all-consuming, suffocating and almost like something beyond your control is gripping you. I intended the hands the convey this meaning.

The background is simple so that the attention is on the dominant image in the centre. The colours are black and white so that it is extremely obvious that although the selfie is vibrant, the reality is much darker.

Communication Objectives

My two themes earlier were

  1. Value/Self worth online
  2. Culture of self promotion/advertising

I feel I was able to communicate these two themes as the black and white image is silent and submissive meaning that she accepts that she is dull and boring and doesn’t wish her real personality to be online. The fact that she is not fighting the hands means that she is okay with the selfie hiding her away and values it more.

In terms of self promotion. The enhanced image and selfie itself shows that she is promoting an unrealistic version of her personality in the online world.

In addition to portraying these two themes, I was able to show the ‘evil’ behind selfies and show a possible futuristic/ behind the scenes idea of what is happening. I feel I was able to create a visually striking piece by making the ‘selfie’ almost like a villain figure targeting teenage girls.


Layer Masks

This is a non-destructive method of editing and allows me to cut out parts of an image without actually altering the original image.

Black and white Filter

I used this filter to make the girl look dull in contrast to the selfie image

Hue/Saturation/Colour Correction/Photo-filter

Increased the saturation of the image to make it look more vivid, I also gave it a warm hue and photo filter so that it would look like a very jovial scene. I increased the brightness and contrast to make the features stand out more.


I used different sizes and hardness of the brush in order to appropriately cut the images. For straight edges I was able to use the selection tool and for more irregular edges I used the paintbrush on the mask layer.


In order to make sure I composited the images well, I adjusted the opacity on the top layer so that could see what is underneath. This was useful in aligning images.

Viscom Theory


the images started with a bold selfie image and then narrowed to the image of a girl. The eye is drawn to the top and goes to the bottom of the image. This fits in perfectly with my communication objective as the person is first meant to see the happy selfie and then look at the real girl literally ‘behind’ the selfie. It is meant to display progressive rhythm moving downwards.

Assymetrical Balance:

The image is almost evenly distributed around the Y axis, the only component that isn’t balances are the arms, because if this, it creases visual tension. The uneasiness of the unbalanced hands translates into the meaning of the image as the hands are meant to be unsettling.


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