Research: New Image Colour

So after starting all over for my assignment, I decided to look at the use of colour and hue

In the selfie image I enhanced the saturation, exposure and made it brighter and added a warmer colour filter. The effect of all of this resulted in the image looking very vibrant and ‘instagram-like’ with the added filter. The warm tones made the image seem happy and glowing skin enhanced this effect. The brightness had to be increased so that the eye would be drawn to is as well

I experimented with a green hue on the hands to give it a more sinister look, unfortunately this made it look a bit too evil and also resembled hulk hands! I opted for the normal colour in the end.

A black a white image obviously lacks colour, but it also symbolises a lack of life or an older era. Black and white images can be very powerful especially when used in an image that uses very vibrant and saturated images. The juxtaposition of a black and white against a colourful image will allow the viewer to compare the two images and make a distinction between which one is desirable and which one is not. Often this technique is used in infomercials, the ‘before’ scene of a woman vacuuming is often in black and white and looks very dull and monotonous, in contrast to the introduction of the ‘new vacuum’ the image is in full colour and has life to it.

I used this same technique with my image, it shows the selfie as being vibrant and artificial almost and the image of the real girl is grey and uninteresting.


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