Image Draft #1: Progress so far!

So I had an epiphany! After struggling to find ways to make my other ideas look photo-realistic, I decided to change my angle into something simple yet hopefully effective.

I want to explore the idea of the obsession going to an extreme where girls completely fabricate another reality to post online. In reality we actually do this, we tidy our rooms a bit before a bedroom selfie, we adjust the angle and make sure that the image is conveying the message we want to send.

I have played around on photoshop and this is what I’ve come up with so far! might changes bits around over the next few days, but hopefully this is okay so far!

Please let me know if you think this image conveys the themes of a fabricated reality, obsession and false reality

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 8.26.37 pm

Things to note:

  • The TV is showing an image of a rainy alley which will be the background of the selfie, but its not reality
  • The onions on the table are there to help her cry false tears
  • The reflection on the table shows her true self, she’s not a depressed goth-type teen, but a happy girl

One thought on “Image Draft #1: Progress so far!

  1. I love all the motifs in your image! It is very clever and your idea comes across strongly. I also like that you have done the reverse of what I personally would have- the girl taking the photo would be smiling and the reflection is sad. I think that by choosing to do it this way, you are stepping outside the box. My only suggestion would be that the image is cropped so that the room is not in the shot and the viewers eye is drawn to the main focal points of the image. Great work! 😀


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