Concept Thumbnails


This image is meant to show two books on standing up on grass. The one one the left looks amazing and the spotlight is in on it but its ‘roots’ are actually very weak. The smaller book looks at the bigger one and thinks that it is inferior, when in reality its roots are stronger and more developed. This image is meant to portray the idea that what is put up on social media for everyone to see might be extremely aesthetically pleasing, but the real person doesn’t have the same aesthetically pleasing morals, character or reality.



This image is the same take on the first, but instead shows the two faces of one book. The book is opened and you can see a glossy and beautiful face but when you look inside the book, it isn’t all that glamourous. This is to again reinforce the idea of self promotion and reality vs, social media reality,






This image to to explore the idea of there is two sides to every coin. My goal is take picture of a new Zealand dollar coin and superimpose it when two image. The heads will have the view point of what the camera is sees and the other side will either show what the person taking the picture see’s or what others see them as, or what they truly see themselves as.





This image is to show how the selfie on the camera is what ‘fuels’ up the teenage girl. This is to show how young teen girl use the number of likes or comments on social media to give them a sense of self worth. The fuel nozzle will be morphed to look like the thumbs up sign on Facebook. There will be a flap at her side with the petrol symbol or a colour meter going form green to red.





This Final image is similar to the previous, however this image has a girl who is half-girl-half-car. To get her running she needs to fill up from the social media popularity, I will have to get the girl to wear exactly the coloured shirt as the car in order to achieve a photorealistic image.


2 thoughts on “Concept Thumbnails

  1. I like your concept very much and the meaning behind it.
    Personally I like the second last idea the best, because I think it creates a lot visual interests to me. My eyes stayed on it for more seconds and my mind was trying to figure out the implied meanings.
    I like your concept of the first 3 images, but the last two are more fitting into today’s fashion.
    Look forward to seeing your final work! 


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