Unpicking the article

As I read through the article I identified all the key themes to help me decide an angle. I acknowledged the following:

  • Selfies are frequently taken
  • The art of a selfie
  • Control of images online
  • Self esteem
  • Confidence
  • Identity
  • Approval
  • Addiction

In addition, themes I inferred from the article are

  • self-promotion/advertising
  • Value/worth

These are the two underlying themes I would like to communicate through my image as I feel they are at the heart of this article. I will also target the young teenage girl demographic as this is the target group of Teen Vogue.

Using my knowledge of semiotics I listed all objects that relate to the two chosen themes

Self-promotion/ advertising

  • Merchandise
  • Billboards
  • Times square
  • Advertising
  • Add to cart symbol
  • Facebook


  • Money
  • Price Tags
  • Medals
  • Ticks and crosses
  • Points

The message my image will communicate will be that “self promotion on social media determines self worth based on the response.”




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