A few weeks ago I happened to overhear a very interesting conversation between a group of young teenage girls. They all had their phones out, and were staring at the same selfie of a girl. The alpha female (who’s picture they were looking at)  instructed all her minions to ‘like’ her photo so it would show up on other peoples news-feeds and she would, as a result, ‘get more likes’. Witnessing such a peculiar conversation really baffled and intrigued me so I  came home and started researching selfies. I was lucky to come across this article (below) which I decided would be perfect for my assignment.

Yes, we all know selfies are a world wide phenomenon with #selfie becoming one of the most used hash tags, but what of the younger generation? It really piqued my interest when this article later went on to cover issues like, narcissism, self-esteem and popularity. I think these ideas can visually be really fun to depict and narrowing the niche for this image down to just the early teenagers will be a healthy challenge.

Article reference:

Walker, M. (2013, August). The Good,the Bad, and the Unexpected Consequences of Selfie Obession. Teen Vogue. Retrieved from

Snippet of Article


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